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“Deliver fermented soybeans to the table of the world”








NATTO Co,.Ltd.
宮下 裕任

A few guys who don’t belong to this market formed NATTO BOYS on January, 2015 to make a social contribution with fermented soybeans. We had delivered articles with our web site and Facebook page little by little at first, then expands sphere of activities, and I moved to Hong Kong in 2016.

Visiting many countries based in Hong Kong, seeing different traditions and cultures, business, trend and people,

“I would like to launch interesting services with fermented soybeans on the world stage”

This became a theme of my life.

A lot of academic organaizations said the origin of fermented soybeans is Southeast Asia and fermented food which look like fermented soybeans has been loved by many countries. And, the potential of bacillus natto cross the sea, a lot of people in the world look forward to this bacteria.

There are traditions which be inherited bacillus natto in Kenya and Zimbabwe, the latest fermentation culture has been expanding in New York, Massachusetts and so on. As we picked up the trend, we decided to sit down and carve own way on a worldwide level.

Our dream is to spread NATTO to all over the world.
We deliver NATTO to the world while launching various services that you are interested in with fermented soybeans.

NATTO Co,.Ltd.
Hirotada Miyashita